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“Can a party on the river lead to liberty on the sea?” –from
“Building Ephemerisle” by Brian Doherty

In This Issue

  • Lots of News! Tickets and Houseboats and Workshops, salve oh my
  • Event Calendar (NEW)
  • Meet More of Ephemerisle’s Fine Haughty Crew
  • Can YOU Lead the Greeters? Chief Orientation Officer Needed
  • Volunteer Applications Are Ready!
  • The Usual Stuff


We have so much to tell you this week, lots of late-breaking greatness to relate.  Here’s the meat in a nutshell:

Alert: Ticket Invites Only Guaranteed through May 9th

If you received an invitation to buy a ticket for Ephemerisle 2010, please be aware that these tickets represent our commitment to giving the Ephemerisle 2009 community a first shot at a limited supply of tickets — but after May 9th, ticket sales will open to the general public, and we can’t guarantee there will be a ticket for you when you try to use your invitation code.

In other words, as soon as tickets sell out to the general public, invitations cannot be honored!  We can only handle 300 participants this year, so make sure that if you’re going to Ephemerisle, you get your ticket soon and hold your place at the event.

Check your email for your invitation.  If you’ve lost or deleted it, please contact

Houseboat Reservations: An Endangered Species

Just like tickets, the ability to bring a houseboat to Ephemerisle comes with very limited availability.  As mentioned in previous newsletters, the houseboats at Paradise Point have all been reserved by the Ephemerisle team, in order to ensure their availability to Ephemerisle participants.  July is high vacation season in the Delta, and we have no doubts that this resource is a scarce one.

The Ephemerisle Team negotiated these reservations to come with a special event discount.  So when you contact us to reserve a houseboat (all sizes still available: 6-bed, 10-bed, and 13-bed), you’ll be paying less than the typical vacationer.


The Ephemerisle houseboat discount expires on June 1st. Seven Crowns, the company in possession of Paradise Point’s supply of vacation houseboats for rent, will only extend Ephemerisle participants a discount if houseboats are booked ahead of the June 1st deadline.

So, just like ticket invitations, we can only guarantee the availability of houseboats for a short while.  Just 31 days from now, we’ll be releasing the reservations back into the wild — and the Delta is full of houseboat hunters.

Platform-Building and Solar Energy Workshops for Ephemerisle: No Longer TBA!

We now have two tracks of workshops available: Platform Building (who needs boats? rafts are cheap and simple!) and Alternative Energy (no more loud stinky expensive diesel!).   These excellent educational opportunities come courtesy of Nick Bertolli and Geoff Horne, who will be setting it all up and laying it all down at Nick’s own Tinkers Workshop in Berkeley.

Both types of classes will be hands-on, and may come with kit costs.  More details are available through the Ephemerisle Facebook group (scroll down to see the upcoming events).

To find out when these workshops are happening, take a look at the Event Calendar right below this section.  We will be holding these dates based on interest, so please do RSVP either on Facebook or by email.

Note that on May 27th, we are holding a special DIY Workshop Info Session at Noisebridge, San Francisco’s famous hackerspace, where you’ll get to meet both Geoff and Nick, learn the basics of building solar energy generators and basic floating platforms, and find out if these workshops are for you.  There is no cost to attend.  (Click here for the Facebook Event.)

Re-Release of Ephemerisle Documentary by Jason Sussberg

Do you long for the days when you could watch all those precious moments of Ephemerisle 2009 caught on film and lovingly edited together by seasteading filmmaker extraordinaire, Jason Sussberg?  Have you heard that there was a video of last year’s event, but have not yet been able to see it?

Now you can share in the Ephemerisle 2009 experience once again — and you can catch it right on the front page of

Tell your friends!  Feel free to embed!  We like embeddings.

Event Calendar

  • Alternative Energy Workshops w/ Geoff Horne: May 20 (6:30-9:30pm), June 26 (6:30-9:30pm), July 11 (2-5pm). Ditch the diesel!  Come build your own solar energy generator.  Complete kits available.  Tinkers Workshop, Berkeley.  Follow links for each date to RSVP on Facebook.
  • Official Ephemerisle DIY Info Session: May 27 (7pm to 9pm).  Platform master Nick Bertoni and alt energy wizard Geoff Horne show you how easy and affordable it can be to bring solar energy and creative floating vessels to Ephemerisle.  Noisebridge, San Francisco. Free / no RSVP needed.
  • Build Your Own Platform Workshops: June 12-13 (10am to 4pm) and June 26-27 (10am to 4pm).  Nick Bertoni takes you start to finish with one of our platform kits or your own dream creation.  Tinkers Workshop, Berkeley. Follow links for each date to RSVP on Facebook.
  • Project Grant Proposals Due: May 31st. See the Project Grant Program page for more info on funding your art, construction, and/or engineering project through a grant from The Seasteading Institute.
  • MORE Workshops: TBA.  Topics will include knot-tying, sailing, survival medicine, watery art, and more.  Want to run one? Contact to become a Workshop Leader.
  • Camp Tipsy: June 26 – Chicken John hosts a festival of art-and-junk boat building that you should check out.  He hasn’t posted anything about this year but the dates — but watch this space for more info.
  • Ephemerisle 2010: noon July 22nd through noon July 25th in the Sacramento River Delta.  Be there or be a land-lubber!

Meet the Crew: Mainmast (Construction), Joseph Pred (Medical), Castor (Harbormasters)

We’ve been extremely fortunate to have some serious talent and leadership step into the ranks of the Ephemerisle crew.  This week, we’re pleased to introduce you to three of our proud officers, who head up the Construction, Medical Services, and Harbormaster teams.

Mainmast: Commodore of Construction

Ben Stoelting aka “Mainmast” is the Manager of Marine Construction and Logistics (otherwise known as the Commodore of Construction), and leader of the Ephemerisle Corps of Engineers.  He hasn’t yet chosen the proper costume for his role, but that’s a priority.

Most recently, he spent six years as a project manager at the Exploratorium, overseeing the design, construction, shipping and installation of science exhibitions around the world, including managing a staff of 10-20 engineers, designers, technicians, volunteers and on-call labor.  In his alter ego as “Chainsaw”, he served from 2003 thru 2007 as the Construction Manager for “The Man” at Burning Man — a role which he’s picking back up in 2010.

Irrepressibly creative, he’s also working on constructing a totem pole-shaped beer dispenser, to be displayed at this year’s Maker Faire.  His marine experience includes some time making a living from working on boats installing cabinetry and refinishing decks, water skiing at his grandparents lake house in the summer, and playing with ideas related to tidal energy generators.

Ben comes to TSI with a passion for creating creative community and building new worlds.

Joseph Pred: Medical Services Coordinator

TSI hired Joseph and his emergency response and consulting firm called Mutual Aid Response Services (MARS) to provide medical support at the 2010 Ephemerisle event and to coordinate Safety preparedness and response.

In addition to running MARS, Joseph has been affiliated with the Emergency Services Department of Burning Man since 1996. He currently serves as Chief for Black Rock City’s Fire/Rescue Department, Emergency Medical and Clinic services, communications system, 911 dispatch center, and Mental Health services, as well as serving as the Chairperson for the Burning Man-wide Safety Committee.

Originally from Sweden, where he was a Harbormaster as a high school student, he spent part of his youth growing up in the Bay Area. Now he maintains that fine balance between European and Californian sensibilities.  Joseph has an educational and experiential background in management, pre-hospital emergency medicine, crisis intervention/emergency psychiatric services, law enforcement, dispatch/communications and fire fighting.

When not working Joseph enjoys scuba diving in remote exotic places, DJing eastern fusion down tempo at various clubs in San Francisco, and occasional dabbles in extreme no-holds-barred technology geeking.

Joseph’s personal values and beliefs strongly guide him in the concepts of balance and harmony with all things and the use of these concepts in the spiritual, emotional, and physical path he enjoys in everyday life.

Dan Brazelton: Chief Harbormaster

Dan Brazelton, aka Castor, has been involved in alternative realities since 1994 when he was dragged out to the desert with a small band of fools.
In 1998, Dan took the moniker Bunny as a Black Rock Ranger and began a 10 year service career, in various roles.  As a shift lead he was in the thick of things during critical cultural shifts of the organization and the event.  Later as a Mentor, he helped bring in new Rangers and enculturate them in the unique Art of Rangering.  His last year on the playa, Dan worked as a Ranger and on the Performance Safety Team and managed the perimeters to several large dangerous art events.
In 2005, he became momentarily famous in a sailboating accident under the Golden Gate Bridge, and recovered with a desire to become more serious about sailing, and so joined the Merchant Marine.  Starting in 2006, as a Mate Trainee, Dan cooked, handled lines, jumped from boat to barge, chipped ice off the hull and stood watch during long nights in the Gulf of Alaska and Bristol Bay.

Although Dan has returned to a land job (running a mobile social software startup Tall Chair, Inc), he cherishes the lessons he learned at sea.

“For all that has been said of the love that certain natures (on shore) have professed for it, for all the celebrations it has been the object of in prose and song, the sea has never been friendly to man. At most it has been the accomplice of human restlessness.”  –Joseph Conrad

Lead the Greeters! Chief Orientation Officer Needed

Are you one of those rare cheerful, outgoing persons who is also organized and can keep track of a group of other gregarious folks — and even keep them to a schedule???  Then we need you!

Greeters are the first face of the event for participants, and serve as our effective welcoming committee.  Once the harbormasters have an incoming craft situated at the event, we need friendly folks to check tickets, make sure people have safety & liability info, provide general orientation, answer questions, etc.

As Chief Orienteer, you should not only be an examplar of greet-i-ness, but also be able to organize and train a group of greeters with varying amounts of experience and lots and lots of enthusiasm.  You should be a bit of an amateur anthropologist: observing the shifts in cultural ambiance and helping your team of greeters adjust accordingly.

What we’re looking for:

  • an indomitable spirit
  • ability to track a schedule (and keep others on track)
  • willingness to commit to at least 1 shift per day at the event
  • a bit of flexibility and flowiness (going where needed)
  • ability to quickly assess a cultural scenario and adjust accordingly
  • ability to delegate tasks and keep mental track of your team

These are not hard-and-fast requirements, but let us know where you match up on this list and any other information that’s relevant.  Ideally, you have attended EI’09 — but since the event will be substantially different in 2010, that is not a requirement for the role.

All prospective volunteers who can see themselves taking on the role of a greeter in a big way are welcome to apply.  We have a semi-formal interview process for volunteer leaders, which can be a lunch meeting if you’re local or a Skype call if you’re not.

Please send inquiries by email to

Volunteer Applications Are Ready!

We’ve been testing these fabulous forms all week, and we’re now pleased to give you the link to have at them.

Our application is generated by Google Docs, so it isn’t totally integrated with our site (yet).  That means you’ll be on the Ephemerisle website but without menus and stuff. Don’t worry, we’ll be right there with you, holding your hand, virtually. Unless that’s making it hard for you to type.

Click here to go to Volunteer Application Form.

If you have trouble with the form, including the form not loading, some buttons not working, something being confusing, or the feeling of some ghostly presence grabbing your hands as you type, please send us an email at

Tireless volunteer coordinator Heather Rae stayed up all night making volunteer applications, putting in those fishies and everything, and really hopes you like them.

The Usual Stuff

These items won’t change much, but we think it’s important to put these in each newsletter in case you haven’t seen them yet.

Community Advisory Group

The Ephemerisle Community Advisory Group, consisting of previous Ephemerisle attendees, meets semi-regularly to help us (The Seasteading Institute) make sure we’re on the right path to creating the most fun and rewarding event experience possible.  Members act as a resource as the Ephemerisle concept develops, often providing crucial insights and ideas that strongly shape the event.

If you’d like to be part of the group, please send an email to

Workshop Leadership

The Seasteading Institute has been coordinating with several groups to provide some truly useful hands-on instruction this year.  We’ll be doing everything from platform-building to alternative energy generation to knot-tying workshops, as well as a seasteading simulation role-playing game, so you can show up to the event far saltier than your average attendee.

Do you have a cool relevant skill you’d like to impart to others?  Are you a master or even just a journeyman in your trade, and enjoy helping people experiment and learn?

You could be instrumental in helping people read a marine chart/understand tide tables, learn to tie proper knots, bring their own sources of alternative energy power, build their own floating platforms, purify water for drinking, or perhaps even save a life (lifeguards needed!).  People learn fast when there’s a need, and the skills needed out on the water are numerous — there are certainly more workshop ideas that could be added to this list.

If you’re interested in being a workshop master and teaching a valuable skill to some eager apprentices, please send an email to with “workshop master” in the subject line.

We’ll also need a few workshop leaders — relevant experience not necessary — only the willingness to learn from the masters and facilitate the workshop.  Please send an email to and put “workshop leader” in the subject line.

EPHEMERISLE is brought to you by The Seasteading Institute, dihydrogen monoxide, and the letter “O”, and is made possible only by PEOPLE LIKE YOU!

To find out more about The Seasteading Institute, including how to become a member, contribute a tax-deductible donation, and read more about our mission, please come to

(c) 2009-2010, The Seasteading Institute.

On the final night, treat we’ll be having a community feast, and our head chef needs assistants! This will involve labor on an early set-up day to load up the supplies and ingredients and get them out to the platform, and then assistance on Saturday throughout the day (4-8 hours) to prepare and serve food.

Despite the fancy name, you probably don’t need to know much about cooking, as long as you’re enthusiastic, willing to follow direction well, and committed to creating a wonderful, community-building feast for your fellow Ephemerislers!

The Ephemerisle Newsletter
Issue 8: October 13th, viagra 2009
Home, Home on the Water – Ephemerisle 2009 Wrap-up Report: Issue #8



- Suggestions for next year?
- Post your stories, photos, etc to the Wiki, Flickr group, Facebook page
- Ephemerisle community year ’round
- Words from James Hogan, an Ephemerisle organizer
- Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You


– Suggestions for Next Year?

Thanks for helping make our first Ephemerisle a wonderful success! We were so inspired by the art, people, dinner, theme camps, and contributions of all kinds that we’ve started dreaming even bigger for next year. Looking forward, we expect to have a new location, more floating platforms and art, and more.

What do you think we we can do differently or more thoroughly that would make seasteading more enjoyable and improve the overall Ephemerisle experience? You can comment on the community mailing list, submit your ideas on the wiki under “Suggestions for Next Year” or send an email to Your thoughts and voice are valuable to as an attendee of the inaugural event!


– Post your stories, photos, etc to the Wiki, Flickr Group, Facebook page

We’ve set up a couple different places to record and share your memories of Ephemerisle 2009. You can submit your favorite stories and memories on the Ephemerisle Wiki. You are also welcome to share them via email by sending them to We’re hoping to post a “best of” to the Ephemerisle blog to share out our common story.

We’ve also established a Flickr Group where you can contribute your photos. We encourage you to tag your photos “ephemerisle” and “ephemerisle09″.

It’d also be great to add some photos and videos to the Ephemerisle Community Facebook page. Ask your friends to join and add a comment.


– Ephemerisle community year ’round

Ephemerisle 2009 may be over, but Ephemerisle 2010 will be here before you know it! We’re going to keep the community going all around, so make sure you stay in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and on our mailing lists for announcements or community discussion.

In addition, we hope to have an Ephemerisle “decompression” get-together in the Bay Area over the next few weeks — we’ll send a note here when there’s more info!


– Words from James Hogan, an Ephemerisle organizer

Photo by Anja Ulfeldt succeeded even more than we’d hoped.

We set out to create a floating festival of community and art that could give people a taste of life on the water — life with more possibility, more freedom, than we have now. But more than that, we wanted to create an event with a vision and a purpose, something that could grow not just in size or spectacle, but in substance, creating more and more momentum each year for the cause of true freedom.

As many of you know, our non-profit organization, The Seasteading Institute, wants to make it feasible for people to start new countries on the ocean the way people can start new companies today. We believe that all of us, mariners and landlubbers alike, could learn and benefit from a world where people experiment with new, innovative ways to live freer lives. We are simultaneously pursuing a number of paths towards this goal, and Ephemerisle is just one of them.

For Ephemerisle, our great dream is that one or more Ephemerisles (who says there has to be just one?) will gradually move out into international waters, evolving into a new society living permanently on the ocean. This audacious vision is a great many years away, and the challenges are daunting, to say the least. But although we are committed to this vision, this first weekend also showed us that the Ephemerisle journey will be a productive one regardless of whether this vision is met. In coming together, we all learned more about life on the water (even when it is just four feet deep!)… the inherent challenges, how to solve them, and the wonderful sense of community we create when doing so together.

Most importantly, we heard of a great deal of inspiration, of increased optimism in the seasteading vision, and of more and more people who want to help explore or contribute to the seasteading dream with us, at future Ephemerisles or elsewhere.

The amount of enthusiasm, presence, and participation all of you brought to the Delta was truly amazing. Thank you, and we’re looking forward to doing it with you again in 2010.


–Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You

If you’ve got any doubts as to the strength of our new community, you won’t need to read any further than this thank-you list to have them dispelled. It was inspiring to see such broad and dedicated support from everyone who attended (and many who didn’t!) — Ephemerisle was truly an uncommonly deep community effort.

We’re going to thank a great many people, and we know we will still miss many — because honestly, it is hard to think of a single attendee who did not contribute in some significant way. Many people not listed here contributed hours and hours of work, and our heartfelt gratitutde goes out to all of you. If you’d like to thank somebody who we missed here, please give them a shout out on the community mailing list!

DELTA COMMUNITIES: First, our thanks goes to the authorities and marinas in the area who chose to give us their trust and patience in hosting such a unique event within their communities: The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department (in particular Sgt. Sam Malcolm), The US Coast Guard (Chief Brian Clark and others), Paradise Point Marina (Brian Healy, Kris, Nelson, Brian, Tammy, and many others on their helpful staff), and King Island Marina.

BUILD CREW: Chicken John had an awesome build crew who worked through many cold days, long nights, and often with limited sleep: Skippy & Ben Burke (who also drove Patience over 100 miles down the Sacramento River for four days to get to the event site!), the lovely & talented Anja Ulfeldt, Little Danny Rathbun, Eelco Hoogendoorn, Lasse Birk Olesen, Ben Lavender, Dean Atkison, Mongoloid, Marc Roper, Kate Willett, Super Dave, Kelly the Drunken Douchebag, Mousetrap Mark, and Anton Berteaux.

BUILD SUPPORT: Thanks to Michael Snook for NIMBY hospitality, The Don & Tracy Show for our tiki torches, Carl Nice Hiney, Ty McKenzie for our lights, Tom Gray from the Diana Fruit Company for our flotation barrels, LadyBee from newZonia for the Diana Fruit hookup, Lightning Clearwater for the batteries, Army St. Mini Storage for truck usage, Frederika Berteaux for patience and support while her house was used as a shop, and Ritual Coffee Roasters for providing liquid fuel in the mornings.

ART AND PLATFORM PROJECTS: Matt Bell brought the Ripple Theater, Achievement Lounge, and a glowing squid. Anja Ulfeldt’s lotus light trees were quietly beautiful. Beau Smith created some colorful floating water fountains and lilies. Kipp McMichael, Trea Kines, Jean-Claude Breach, and Miguel Sanchez doggedly built their beautiful Triangisle platform, even though it did not make it from the marina to the site. Patri Friedman as well built a tensegrity pyramid raft which he rowed halfway to the event site before it capsized. David Normal and April Lelia persevered in their Sea Tortoise journey, showing up around midnight on Saturday. Dav Yaginuma’s floating swing provided fun and excitement (perhaps even a little too much). Anton Berteaux showed up with a solar-powered trimaran. Matt Litman flew in from Kentucky and built his sleeping platform with materials he purchased from Home Depot on the drive out. And the Apocaisle camp wins the award for sheer ravenous audacity, diving headfirst into construction of a two-story tiki bar and working pirate radio station only two weeks before the event.

ENTERTAINMENT: Napalm & crew provided Ephemerislers with a ritual morning wake-up call, celebrating our community’s common place in the universe (on a boat), plus a Saturday night DJ. Thanks to J-Rad & Sparklebottom as well.

CHEFS: Ginevra Kirkland, our head chef, organized that entire sumptuous feast y’all had with only two weeks of prep! Divia Melwani, our sous chef, provided her favorite homemade Indian dishes, and Beau Smith, Danielle Strachman, Saikat Chakrabarti, and Talia Beaumont helped with other behind-the-scenes prep.

SAFETY CREW: Duncan Kight and Jeremy Begin, our volunteer EMT’s, and Mikolaj Habryn and Rebecca Haussman, our volunteer safety officers, all put a great deal of energy into keeping everyone safe!

GREETERS: Caylin Yula and Danielle Strachman put in lots of time on Friday and early Saturday welcoming and orienting people, and even getting waivers signed (important work that needs to be done for an event like this!)

SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY AWARD: Paul Grasshoff rented and organized two hosueboats (knowing he probably wouldn’t recoup his costs), and spent most of the day Friday and Saturday ferrying passengers to and from the marinas on an additional patio boat he rented. He was also arguably Ephemerisle’s first resident — when we dropped off the first six cassettes at the event site on Thursday night, he calmly kept watch for eight hours while the rest of us went to get the second set from the marina, with only his LED lantern and a jar of peanut butter to keep him company.

ORGANIZERS: Thanks to Eric Jacobus for many, many hours of hard work managing registrations and countless other event logistics, Natalie Villalobos for extensive general consultation, promotion, and community development work, Cheryl Cline for assistance with website content and other tasks, and to Liz Lacy for getting the entire ball rolling to begin with.

And last but in no conceivable way least, thanks to Chicken John for being an amazingly resourceful, zealously dedicated force of organized chaos, who inspired a team to build the heart of a floating community in just a few short weeks. This first Ephemerisle would have been much less without him.

Ephemerisle photos by Anja Ulfeldt (, Liz Henry (first photo), and Chris Rasch (flowers photo).


Questions? Ideas? Drop us a line at

Spread the Word!
Facebook: Ephemerisle community (group)
Twitter: Ephemerisle
Flickr: Ephemerisle
Announcements mailing list:
Community discussion mailing list:

This Is It.

The Ephemerisle Newsletter
Issue 7:  September 30th, health 2009
This is a special edition of The Ephemerisle Newsletter – Only 2 days until the event. Are you ready?


- Holy ticket sales, viagra sale Batman…
- Preparing to Launch Your Craft
- Things to Bring to Dinner
- Something to Make It Spiffy!
- All the Things to Bring and All the Things to Leave Behind

– Holy ticket sales, Batman…

Did we really sell 44 tickets in the last week?  Hell yeah we did!

Excitement is building and y’all are making up your minds and committing to come along for the ride on this crazy, freedom-seeking adventure of ours!  We’re glad you’re joining us for this first year!

Looks like we will have close to 150 people on the island.


– Launching Your Craft, and Getting to the Event

It’s almost time to get out to the Delta and make a home with 150 strangers. But the process of getting there doesn’t need to be painful. We suggest arriving during the day and discourage arriving at night in order to avoid confusion and have the most help from bystanders and marina staff. In order to drive around at night your boat/craft/floating device MUST have proper working lights so that other boats can see you.

As noted in Newsletter #5, it would be ideal to disperse participants across 3 different launch venues which include Paradise Point Marina, King Island Resort, and Herman and Helen’s. You can find information about all 3 of these locations on the Ephemerisle website: Sounds like Paradise Point might get a little crowded, so make your way to King Island Resort or Herman and Helen’s to get on the water quickly.   (They’re both closer, anyway!)


– Things to Bring to Dinner

Saturday’s dinner is shaping up nicely! Feel free to bring a dish to share with the group, and we’ll have a really crazily diverse feast at our hands. No need to worry about feeding 150 people with your contribution. Just bring what you can (can include drinks and desert).

Reminder: Bring your own plate, bowl, cup, utensils, etc to take care of your eating needs. There will be a washing station set up where you will be able to wash your own items after dinner.


– Decorations for Our New Home – Something Spiffy!

This is going to be your (our) community for the weekend so we’d like to invite you to bring a little something to make it special. This can be anything..fabric, paint, chalk, pictures, shade structures, custom C&C cut wood, decorative rope, signs, etc.  The overall themes of the event are freedom and water, so keep that in mind when picking and packing your decor. At the end of the event we encourage you to “pack out what you packed in” and leave with your belongings. We can’t be responsible if something gets damaged or lost during the event, but can promise that whatever engaging community contribution you bring will be enjoyed.


– All the Things You Need.. and Don’t

This could be a pretty long list. This week Jeff Chan might’ve said it best with his page on the Ephemerisle wiki But just in case we wanted to give you a run down of things you should and should not bring to Ephemerisle..

Do Bring:

  • Something to sleep on, in, under
  • Shade structures
  • Food for all meals except Saturday’s community feast
  • Safety floatation devices
  • Fun floating toys and devices to kick it on during the day
  • Something to decorate the common space with
  • An idea to share (could be a poem, song, stand-up act etc)
  • A positive attitude
  • Friends, relatives
  • Water for 3 days
  • Toilet paper
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Sunscreen

No Need to Bring:

  • Pets or animals
  • Weapons or destructive behavior
  • Bad attitude
  • TV Be-Gone remote controls
  • Aquaphobia
  • Solar Showers
  • Flamethrowers

Questions?  Ideas? Drop us a line at

Twitter: Ephemerisle

The Time is Now.

The Ephemerisle Newsletter

Issue 6:  September 28th, unhealthy 2009

Soon we’ll be sleeping under the stars.. living the good life on the water. Pay attention because it’s Ephemerisle Newsletter: Issue #6!



- The Saturday Night Potluck Feast

- Where and How to Launch your Boat/Platform/Art in Style

- Get Your Tickets ASAP!

- Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Houseboating


– The Saturday Night Potluck Feast

Spread the good word! Saturday’s Community Feast will be a potluck dinner. Don’t feel obligated, remedy but if you have a favorite dish or snack to share, diagnosis bring it along — it’s a great way to participate!  It is not neccessary to have a ration for every person (we are estimating well over 100 people!), because with everyone bringing something we’re sure to feed everyone.

Also wanted to give an update about the menu for Saturday night. Unfortunately, due to our limited budget and the large number of people attending the event, we will not be able to accommodate allergies or food sensitivities. Therefore it is up to you to bring something suitable to eat should the menu for Saturday Night’s feast not work out for you.

Our chefs are preparing some really delicious stuff…

The Menu -

  • Kebab with Mushrooms, Cherry Tomatoes, Onions, Peppers, and Eggplant
  • Mixed Green Salad with Ranch or Vinagrette dressing
  • Vegetarian and Meat Chili
  • Chickpea dish
  • Cornbread
  • Dinner Rolls

Bring dessert if you’ve got it!


– Where and How to Launch your Boat/Platform/Art in Style

Wanted to remind everyone that there are a variety of suitable places to launch your craft or art for Ephemerisle. The Paradise Point Marina staff have been accomodating and helpful for this event and we appreciate those of you who are giving them business by renting houseboats, but in order to keep the waters calm, we’d also like to reccommend a couple other spots to launch from.

There are actually two other launch sites closer to the new event site than Paradise Point. Please direct your attention to King’s Island and Herman and Helens! Information for both of these launch sites can be found on the “When and Where” page:

Also, a reminder that two weeks ago we switched locations. Take note of this as we have updated the website’s Google Map to make things a bit easier. If you have any questions or concerns, please shoot us an email at

GPS Coordinates for key locations:

Ephemerisle Site 38.035777,-121.471478
King Island 38.058405,-121.458178
Paradise Point 38.044384,-121.418459


– Get Your Tickets ASAP!

Could it be? We are only 1 week away from the first ever floating festival of politics, community and art! Guarenteed to have something for everyone, but in order to get in, everyone will need a ticket! We may run out of tickets at the gate and need to turn people away due to a limited capacity on the 3 floating islands.

You can still purchase tickets at the $50 level which can be picked up at Once these golden tickets are sold out we’ll move on to the $100 tier. All tickets include access to community platforms, entertainment, and Saturday night’s meal!

Remember to spread the
word to your friends, collegues, and family!
Let them know about us on Twitter @ephemerisle and on Facebook at


– Everything You Need To Know About Houseboating – by Jeff Chen

Seasteading community member Jeff Chen recently added a detailed page to the Ephemerisle wiki. It explains in great length how to succeed on the water and even includes lists of what and what not to bring. It’s a good read, and we definitely recommend it. Give it a once over and start crossing things off your packing list.

As a side note: Houseboat rentals from Paradise Point Marina DO NOT come with liability insurance. If you would like to get some, you should purchase it at


Questions?  Ideas? Drop us a line at

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The Time is Now.
The Ephemerisle Newsletter
Issue 5: September 22nd, medicine 2009
This is it! Two weeks away and a whole lot to do – get your wits, your art, and grab a friend, because it’s Ephemerisle Newsletter: Issue #5!


- New Location for Ephemerisle!
- Changes to the “no fire” Rule
- Announcing the First Ephemerisle Theme Camp – Apocaisle
- Final Art Grants Bestowed: Ripple Theatre and Achievement Lounge

- Tickets! Get your Tickets!
- Houseboat wiki page from Jeff Chan

- Platform-building Class TONIGHT in San Francisco!

- How to Build a Floating Camp Platform fit for 2 for ~$120

- Ephemerisle Staff Post – “Ephemerisle Art Moment”


– New Location for Ephemerisle!

This past weekend’s final scouting trip went swimmingly! The Ephemerisle Team decided to move this year’s event to a new location (quite close to the old one, actually) due to the amount of suggestions and ideas we were getting from the community. It’s all good – so many good things are coming in that we needed to expand and give better access for the amount of art, people, and floating platforms that will be arriving for the event.

On the trip, Ephemerisle’s Patri Friedman took a panoramic video of our new home. We have therefore updated the website’s Google Map to make things a bit easier. If you have any questions or concerns please shoot us an email at

GPS Coordinates for key locations:

Ephemerisle Site 38.035777,-121.471478
King Island 38.058405,-121.458178
Paradise Point 38.044384,-121.418459


– Changes to the “no fire” Rule

We’ve amended our “no fire” rule to read “no large fires.” Safety is still an important concern, and you should leave your propane flamethrower at home. But in practice, small fires (fire spinning, for example) should be plenty safe. Fire extinguishers will be on hand, and we hear there will be water nearby, too.

Besides, there are far too many creative types in our humble seasteading community to ban fire entirely! We are now inviting “fire performers”, poi dancers, etc to bring your equipment along when you attend the event.


– First Ephemerisle Theme Camp – Apocaisle!

Did you ever consider that seasteading would be a fine way to live once the world crumbled, post-apocalypse style? Well, our dear friends of the first ever Ephemerisle theme camp, “Apocaisle”, thought they’d introduce you to the idea over a few cocktails and tunes. In their words: “As a theme camp we’d like to provide a ‘tiki bar, meaning we want to be hospitable enough to have people over for nice conversation and a cocktail. If we manage to get the platform mobile enough, we’d like to be able to detach from the main platform to head for a picnic in the lagoon, but we’ll need to be stable enough for singing hopeful sea shanties of rebuilding civilization whilst consuming right piratey quantities of Ephemere Ale“.

They even set up their own page on the Ephemerisle wiki, complete with radio broadcasts of their propaganda which can be heard at They are utilizing the skills of Chicken John (mentioned later in this newsletter, whom you too can learn how to build a platform from) to build their sea-faring crafts. They have a modular design, inspired by the ancient practice of Japanese tatami mat makers, with which they want to build their post-apocolyptic home and Ephemerisle’s first, and only, “Really Pirate Radio Station”! They have more cool stuff up their sleeves, but really, you should go check out their wiki page for more.

You can follow more of the madness of “The Apocolypticos” on their Twitter accounts which are proudly listed at the bottom of the wiki page!


– More Art Grants Bestowed!

“The Ripple Theatre” – Artist and Ephemerisle grant award winner Matt Bell proposed “The Ripple Theatre” for this year’s event. In an artist statement he described it as “I like the patterns that light makes when reflected off water, and want to take advantage of that to make a very organic and hypnotic shadow theater. As people move objects around (or swim) in the middle area, lights reflect off the water and shine the ray-traced ripple pattern onto the walls.” Picture helps you get a sense for it!

Matt is also building the “Achievement Lounge,” a small chill space on a platform accessible only by crossing a narrow beam over the water.

“Trianglisle” – This previously-funded grant project is coming along well, and artists Trea Kines, Kipp McMichael, and Jean-Claude Breach, have been keeping a wiki page updated with their progres. “Triangisle” is “an impractical 3-sided platform (now with crow’s nest)” happily funded in part by the Ephemerisle festival. Photos of it’s construction can be found on their Ephemerisle wiki.


– Tickets! Get your tickets!

You better act fast! Ephemerisle is in just a week and a half. Spread the word to your communities, friends, lists, neighbors, “followers” etc. Let them know about us on Twitter @ephemerisle and on Facebook at
We have tickets available at the $50 level which can be purchased at Once these are gone tickets will be available at the $100 tier.

It is possible for tickets to sell out — if there is a strong response, we may need to turn non-ticket-holders away at the event due to safety reasons. The central platforms have a limited capacity!
All tickets include fun, access to community platforms, entertainment, and Saturday night’s meal!


– Houseboat wiki page from Jeff Chan

Community member Jeff Chan, who accompanied us on this past weekend’s scouting trip, wrote a wiki page with his thoughts on managing houseboats at Ephemerisle.


– Platform-building class TONIGHT in San Francisco!

Procrastinating on what to bring to Ephemerisle? Let Chicken John help you make your dreams come true as he teaches you the tricks of the art/trash-boat making trade this Wednesday in San Francisco’s Mission District. RSVP (ASAP!) to!
In this class you’ll be able to ask design questions, get technique advice, meet fellow seasteaders, and rub elbows with materials previously thought “unfit” for water-usage. We will send out an email on Wednesday confirming the location of the event, set to start at 6pm. The class will be cancelled if we don’t get enough RSVP’s! As previously stated in last week’s newsletter – COME TO CLASS PREPARED WITH A DESIGN! Bring materials for your contraption if you like (albeit small and collapsible items to start; this isn’t a huge workshop).

You are definitely going to want to bring something for the event! Just check out all the room!


– How to build a floating camp platform for 2 for ~$120 (and it fits in a small car)

The Ephemerisle team is always on the prowl for new and unique designs to share with the community. Recently we stumbled upon this on from artist Matt Bell (grant recipiant for “The Ripple Theatre” and “Achievement Lounge”). Take his word for it and test your strength with materials once thought only suitable for lazy afternoons in the pool.


– We Bring You An “Ephemerisle Art Moment”

While on the scouting trip to find the final destination for the Ephemerisle event, Patri Friendman tested out his bubble machine on the Delta.

So I set up the machine on the rear deck, and we cruised along leaving a wake of bubbles in the air. That was pretty neat, very silly and artistic. Until the wind or our direction shifted, so that the wind came from the aft. Then it was amazing.

Because bubbles, it turns out, don’t pop when they hit the river – if there is wind pushing them along. They bounce and roll and glide. So with the wind from behind us, the bubbles would fall to the water, and bounce along next to us, pushed by the wind, rolling along the surface of the water, with an individual bubble sometimes lasting for as long as a minute. It was beautiful.

Not only was it beautiful – but it was beauty based on water, wind, and ephemerality – hence totally thematic. It was a wonderful, inspiring little glimpse, for me, of the art potential of Ephemerisle.”

You can read more about their artistic adventure here.

Everyone involved in the production of Ephemerisle, as well as the active and creative community forming around the event are eagerly anticipating more “magical” moments on the water. Can’t wait to see everyone in two weeks!


Questions? Ideas? Drop us a line at

Spread the Word!

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Dream big.

The Ephemerisle Newsletter

Issue 4:  September 16th, mind 2009

It’s time to get on the boat – get in gear – and get this ship out of port! Get ready, because it’s the Ephemerisle Newsletter: Issue #4!



- No longer charging for docking fees (and refunds)

- $50 tickets still available

- Art and platform-building workshop with Chicken John 9/23

- Lead Chef Needed for Community Dinner!

- Saturday Dinner – Bring something to share


– No Docking Fees! (and Refunds)

This week we’re announcing that we are no longer going to be charging for docking fees. All previously charged fees for docking will be refunded. If the charge for your docking fee has not been refunded by September 18, please contact Eric Jacbous at


– $50 Tickets Still Available

TICKETS ARE STILL ON SALE! You can purchase tickets at the $50 level for yourself and others on our website at Requests for these are adding up so make sure to get yours as soon as you can — if $50 tickets run out, only $100 tickets will be available!  This ticket includes admission to the event, all activities, and the Saturday feast.


– Art and Platform-building Workshop with Chicken John on 9/23

Master builder Chicken John is fabricating the floating platforms for this year’s Ephemerisle gathering and wants to help you build yours! Next Wednesday September 23rd he’ll be hosting a floating art/platform workshop (Location and Time to be Announced). We want to keep this class small and the learning curve to a minimum, so RSVP to as soon as possible. The class will be cancelled if we don’t get enough RSVP’s!  Note: COME TO CLASS PREPARED WITH A DESIGN! Bring materials for your contraption if you like (albeit small and collapsible items to start).

Prototype for the Ephemerisle platform. Built by Chicken John. Photo from the Camp Tipsy Blog.


– Chefs Needed for Community Dinner!

Know someone (or perhaps a team) that would be interested in helping cook for the community on Saturday of the event? The feast doesn’t have to be a 6-course meal but it does have to be a sumptuous meal fit for seasteaders (perhaps 75-100 people)! Ideally, the community will come with dishes and drinks to make the affair a grand potluck with this chef providing the main course and some sides. If you know of anyone please have them email James Hogan ( as soon as possible.


– Saturday Dinner, Potluck Style – Bring Something To Share!

A feast for all! We’re wanting to have Saturday’s community dinner be well, communal! The Ephemerisle staff in partnership with a chef will cook up the main dish and a couple sides but it would also be great if each participant brought something to share at the dinner table. Drinks, chips, fruit, salads, desserts, etc will be gladly accepted. Please make sure you can keep it refrigerated (if needed) until Saturday’s feast as there will be no common storage in the floating kitchen. ALSO! Make sure to bring your own plate, cup, bowl, and utensils to the affair!  We will not be providing tableware.


Questions?  Ideas? Drop us a line at

Spread the Word!

Facebook:  Ephemerisle community (group), Ephemerisle 2009 (event)
Twitter:  Ephemerisle

Catch you next week.

The Ephemerisle Newsletter
Issue 3: September 9, try 2009

Ahoy, for sale Ephemeral Islanders!!
(There was no better label for y’all…)



- Grant Recipients Announced!
- Call for Volunteers — Help Make Your Floating Community a Reality!
- The Ongoing Search for a Culmination Ritual
- What Do YOU Want to Say at Ephemerisle?
- Oh, purchase
You Don’t Know (Yet) What You Want to Say at Ephemerisle


– Grant Recipients Announced!

We sifted through the grant requests and carefully selected our recipients. This was a fun process — there was some really awesome stuff in there! Below are brief descriptions of the grants that earned our financial support:

Exercise Ball Platform by Kipp McMichael and Trea Grillo

A triangular-shaped floating platform buoyed by 12 x 65cm exercise balls. One side of the triangle will be docked to the main festival platform.

Lotus Tree Light Project by Anja Ulfeldt

Inspired by the geometry of nature, the lotus tree lights would grow up from the water of the Delta and illuminate the night with a soft white glow. During the day they would be bright white geometrix forms floating on the lagoon.

Modular Sea Serpent by Dav Yaginuma

A sea serpent on simple platform that fits one driver. powered by electric motor. The ‘engine’ component consists of a head and one hump. Additional humps are attached by rope and pulled behind. Each hump can accomodate one rider.

Solar Powered Trimaran by Anton Berteaux

A solar powered trimaran made from a sea kayak and aluminum tubing for dual outriggers. The outriggers allow for solar panel mounting, and also provide structure for the sail.

Ephemerisle Swing by Dav Yaginuma

A swing mounted on one of the platforms such that the bar overhead is close to the edge allowing most of the forward swing arc to be over water. The swing seat will be removable and only attached during high tide periods. It should be safe to swing from this and jump off over the water.

Lilies & Light Fountains by Beau Smith

A 100 foot line behind the boat will consist of 14 glowing water lilies and 7 floating light and water fountains. The lilies and fountains would be attached in an alternating pattern to the line. The line will be pre-fitted with fasteners at various intervals such that the lilies and fountains can be easily removed for storage

Visit the Activities and Art of Ephemerisle Page for more information about the events of Ephemerisle!


– Call for Volunteers — Help Make Your Floating Community a Reality!

Ephemerisle is pretty much set and ready to go. The plans have been planned, the dots have been crossed, the T’s have eyes. We’re ready. Except, we need… you!

We are seeking enthusiastic, dedicated and creative people to help.  We need volunteers not only to make Ephemerisle economically realistic, but because this should fundamentally be a community-driven event.   We want to make this your festival; nothing does that like an enthusiastic group of volunteers!

Almost all volunteering roles will include a free registration, and many will include free water transportation and sleeping space on the central platform.

We’ve got a number of opportunities available (click on each link for details):

  • · DPW (Department of Public Works):  Helping with (de)construction of the central platform before, during, and after the event.
  • · Ephemerisle Guardians:  Help create a fun and safe atmosphere for your fellow community members.  Guardians serve in many capacities, including host, chaperone, mediator, and more.
  • · Sous Chef:  Assist our chef in preparing the Saturday night feast, including transportation to/from the event.
  • · EMTs:  We need trained EMTs on-site in case a medical emergency should arise.
  • · Greeters:  Welcome new arrivals to Ephemerisle and help deal with the logistics of registration and docking!

To volunteer, please email Tell us what role(s) you’re interested in, along with a little bit about your background, availability, and what’s inspired you to help.  And thank you!


The Ongoing Search for a Culmination Ritual

If you have been following, or better yet contributing to, our wiki, then you know all about this, but for the rest of you: We have come to the conclusion that Ephemerisle ought to have some sort of culminating ritual or event that can be repeated from year to year. We have laid out the criteria we think it ought to meet on said wiki, and have been overseeing the back and forth banter. If you have a great idea, now is the time to contribute to the wiki.


– What Do YOU Want to Say at Ephemerisle?

Start thinking now, because there will be an open mic! That’s right, we’ll have a full sound system in place, ready for spoken word or musical performances. The format is still a bit up in the air, but there will likely be a set time for community performances. If you have a song to sing, a play to put on, a poem to read, or just want to frolic naked on the stage, contact us and let us know what you have planned. We’ll be sure to add you to the performance roster, and reserve a time for you to astonish us all.


– Oh, You Don’t Know (Yet) What You Want to Say at Ephemerisle

That’s okay– we have a wiki for that, too. Join the discussion, and bandy about some ideas for what you think may work, or fail, as an Ephemerisle performance, determine if your target crowd will be in attendance, and perhaps even find some like-minded souls to join you in a group presentation. And even if you come up with something everyone is certain to hate, you are free to present it on stage. After all, at its core, seasteading, and by extension Ephemerisle, is based on freedom. Seasteading and Ephemerisle are not based on killing attendees, so if your idea is unsafe, you may not be allowed to perform it after all.


– Burning Man Report

Patri & James gave a talk on Ephemerisle at Burning Man to about 30 people, and discussed the idea with many more.  Patri also tested his tensegrity pyramid platform design, pictured below, which is intended for use at Ephemerisle.  It was stable on the playa (with a fun swinging platform), we will see whether it can work when it’s floating in the Delta…



Questions?  Submissions?  Fan mail, hate mail?  Drop us a line at

Facebook:  Ephemerisle community (group), Ephemerisle 2009 (event)

Twitter:  Ephemerisle

Catch you next week.
The Ephemerisle Newsletter

Issue 2:  August 30, pharm 2009

Ahoy, help Ephemerislers!!

(There was no better label for y’all…)



- Share Your Project

- Contribute to Our Blog

- What is Seasteading, Anyway?

- What Do Ephemerislers Eat, Anyway?

- Eat, Slowly, and Research Impromptu Meals with Greg

- Patri is Building a Tensegrity Platform for Ephemerisle


– Share Your Project

Are you building a floating structure or boat to bring to Ephemerisle? If so, share it with the community as you build it. Unless of course you are way ahead of the game and have already finished. Either way, upload some photos or videos to the web and send us the links. We’ll display our favorites on the Ephemerisle page.


Contribute to Our Blog

Do you have something interesting to share with the Ephemerisle community? If so, write it out in blog form and email it to Greg Gioia. If we think it is appropriate, we’ll feature you as a guest blogger and your entry will appear on the front page of the Ephemerisle web page. You can blog about anything you think is relevant to the event or the community at large. Possible topics may include a glimpse into what you are building or contributing to Ephemerisle, suggestions for other Ephemerislers, and pretty much anything related to seasteading. Use your imagination, write it out, and you may see it on our blog in the weeks to come.


What is Seasteading, Anyway?

Ephemerisle is being organized by The Seasteading Institute, and so you may be wondering — what exactly is seasteading?

Seasteading is creating permanent dwellings on the ocean – homesteading the high seas. A seastead is a structure meant for permanent occupation on the ocean.  The goal is freedom; by opening the oceans as a new frontier, we intend to enable people to self-govern.  Start their own countries.  Experiment with new forms of government.

Although seasteading is in its infancy, it is not merely a conceptual thing. Here’s a story about some Rhode Islanders who have opted for life on the high seas.


What Do Ephemerislers Eat, Anyway?

For the most part they eat whatever they decide to bring with them to the event, but on Saturday night that won’t be the case at all. On Saturday, Chef Greg Conger will be preparing a feast for us. We’ll reveal the final menu soon, but for now we want to give you a little more insight into the Saturday Feast. Attendees are asked to bring their own plates and cutlery, and join us for a community meal on the main platforms come Saturday night. We think breaking bread together is a great way to foster community.


Eat, Slowly, and Research Impromptu Meals with Greg

If you’d like to join Ephemerisle’s Event Planner Greg Gioia (not Greg the chef, but Greg the party guy) at an event that may be similar to the Saturday Feast, you can do so at the Slow Food Eat-In on Monday, September 7th. Greg will bring some food and join the potluck, partly for the fun of it, but primarily to research how small groups and individuals interact at an impromptu community meal. Cook something, slowly, then come find Greg and share a meal. Click here to learn more about the Slow Food Eat-In.


Patri is Building A Tensegrity Pyramid for Ephemerisle

Patri, who founded The Seasteading Institute and came up with the original idea for Ephemerisle, is buliding one of the first Ephemerisle structures.  See his progress here.


Questions?  Submissions?  Fan mail, hate mail?  Drop us a line at

Facebook: Ephemerisle community (group), Ephemerisle 2009 (event)

Twitter: Ephemerisle

Catch you next week.
Adapted from The Ephemerisle Newsletter
Issue 1: August 25, pharm 2009

Ahoy, salve Ephemerislers!!
(There must be a better label for y’all…)



- Welcome to Ye Olde Ephemerisle newsletter
- Platform construction at Camp Tipsy
- Ephemerisle salon at Burning Man next Friday
- Grant deadline fast approaching
- Discount boat rentals for Ephemerisle
- $20 tickets selling out!



All right, seek it’s not olde quite yet, but some years from now, when we’ve all built this thing up to a city floating out in the middle of the ocean, it’ll be a little more on target… aren’t you glad you’re here at the beginning?

We’re starting this newsletter to help get the word out about community happenings and important announcements. Expect to hear about boats and platforms people are building, key logistics you need to keep in mind before heading out to the Delta, and other stuff of interest.

Nobody likes boring spam, so we’ll try to keep these short, interesting, and not more frequent than necessary. We’ll send a weekly newsletter between now and the event, and then (roughly) monthly ones until Ephemerisle 2010 starts to ramp up.



Ephemerisle planner James recently headed out to Chicken John’s Camp Tipsy, a weekend boat-building event up near Lodoga, CA. We had a chance to check out a much smaller, “rough draft” version of what will be our central floating platform (photos and a video are on our blog), as well as some other great art floats. (The floating swing set was a favorite…)

We look forward to seeing some now-familiar faces, and possibly familiar boats, at Ephemerisle. Perhaps someone will find a way to get that floating trailer housing the Ritual Roasters Cafe to show up at the Delta in October? An espresso would definitely make for a great way to start the day…



Patri Friedman, who came up with this whole crazy idea, will be giving a talk on the philosophy and vision of Ephemerisle out on the Burning Man playa next week. He’s even got a fancy title for it — “Ephemerisle: An Intentional Oceanic Community.”

The discussion will be at 3:00pm Friday, at Future Camp (part of the Playagon village) at 9:00 & Fossil.

Also, if you’re wandering around Black Rock City next week and see a table with a pirate flag and a sign saying “FREE SHOTS!”, use caution. It is probably us, and the shots are probably salt water. (Yes, the Delta is fresh water, but once we get out to the ocean…)



If you have a great idea for a way to contribute to Ephemerisle, but don’t have the funds to make it happen, you may be able to qualify for an Ephemerisle grant. The deadline to apply is this Friday, 8/28, but if you can’t submit an application by then, don’t despair. If you miss the deadline you may still be eligible for a grant… IF there is any leftover funding. After the deadline, it’s roughly first come, first serve.

Grant amounts (like our overall budget this first year) are modest — our total grant pool is $5000, and some of that is already spoken for. But we know you’re a resourceful bunch, and learning to do a a lot with a little is part of what living on a new frontier (the ocean!) is all about!

We’re interested in funding floating platforms or any sort of artistic contribution, including performances. Lots of bonus points if they are somehow thematic with the idea of seasteading or at least the ocean.

Please help spread the word about the grant program!… web pages, newsletters, mailing lists, or other promotional sources are all great places.



We have reserved houseboats, ski boats, and patio boats from Seven Crown, the company that rents boats at Paradise Point Marina. To reserve a boat at a discounted rate, call Seven Crown at (800) 752-9669, and speak to Lori at extension 202. They have three boats from which to choose, and there is a code for each boat. Give the code, and then pay for your boat.

Summit Houseboat: normally $1150, with discount rents for $1035 for 3 days. Code is P5573A. Rate expires on 9/2. (That’s NEXT WEDNESDAY!)
Ski Boat: normally $660, with discount rents for $495 for 3 days. Code is P5573C. Rate expires on 9/24.
Patio Boat: normally $420, with discount rents for $315 for 3 days. Code is P5573D. Rate expires on 9/24.



We have only a limited number of our $20 tickets available, and when they’re gone, the rate will jump to $50. It behooves you (yes, you) to buy your tickets sooner rather than later. Unless, of course, you’re willing to buy the $50 or $100 tickets instead, leaving a cheaper ticket for another community member — the karma gods will smile upon you!

By the by, so far we’ve got attendees coming from Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, and Japan, as well as the USA. We’re going to have a bonafide international presence our very first year. Cool, eh? Now go guilt trip your friend in Oakland who “just isn’t sure they have the time” to make it up that weekend.


Questions? Submissions? Fan mail, hate mail? Drop us a line at

Facebook: Ephemerisle community (group), Ephemerisle 2009 (event)
Twitter: Ephemerisle

  • Natalia at Ephemerisle by crasch
  • Ephemerisle: day view of art and Apocaisle from houseboats
  • Ephemerisle: mermaid meets ranger

1. Buy a ticket – on sale NOW

For additional information on tickets, illness including our lower-cost ticket options, viagra see our tickets page.

Your ticket buys you access to the event, viagra but not travel or lodging. Which means you’ll need to…

2. Make transportation and sleeping arrangements

To attend Ephemerisle, you need a way to get there from the shore, which means you’ll need a boat (or passage on someone else’s). Once at Ephemerisle, you’ll need a place to sleep, either on a boat or a platform. We do not provide sleeping space or ferrying between the shore and the event. You’ve got a few options:

  • If you want to bring (or build!) your own craft, see our Boats & Platforms page for details.
  • If you want to find space on an existing craft, there may be berths available on other attendees’ vessels! We recommend using the community mailing list to find boatshare and rideshare buddies.
  • We hope to provide other options for sleeping and transportation in the near future. Expect more details soon.

3. Consider your contribution

Attendees are encouraged to participate in the event in their own way — see our gallery of past projects or join our community mailing list to discuss ideas.

Building a floating platform is a great way to contribute, and can also take care of your sleeping arrangements!

I’m blinging out this blog with cross-posting ‘leetness.

If you see this post on Twitter, medicine  Livejournal, and Facebook, then we’re doing alright.

You’re welcome to follow us on any of the above sources (click through to see our accounts). Subscribe to your favorite, or collect all three!

blah blah blah, pilule yackety schmackety!
As most of you know, thumb the ultimate vision for Ephemerisle is to evolve into an actual, viagra truly independent seasteading city. [For an introduction to seasteading, click here.] Patri Friedman, founder of Ephemerisle and The Seasteading Institute, recently blogged on TSI’s website about how Ephemerisle 2010 brings that vision closer to reality. That post is included in its entirety here.


As you probably know, the long-term goal for Ephemerisle is to be an incremental path towards seasteading, by cutting down the challenges along every dimension, and then advancing year by year. Here are some of the dimensions, and how we are making progress this year:

Multiple Islands. The growth I am most excited about is that we will have about 6 different islands (perhaps more), each with different rules and culture. Some may forbid alcohol and corporate logos, others may ban children and make grownups down a shot of firewater on the way in. With our facilitation, occupants will self-organize before the event into these diverse communities. If you think Libertopia or Hippieville are “great to visit, but you wouldn’t want to live there”, well, you can live in one and visit another! If your island turns out to be not such a great place, we’re on the water, so you can always unhitch your vessel or platform and secede. In other words, dynamic geography will be a real feature of the event!

Mooring. Last year, we failed to anchor in the middle of the channel – plus local law enforcement didn’t like it. This year, we will be in much deeper water (~30 ft vs. ~3-6 ft) and we will anchor successfully far away from the shore. Current plans even call for two different types of mooring – pillars for our barge (known as “spuds”) and anchoring for the other platforms – so we’ll get experience with both. (See past discussion on Ephemerisle/Seasteading anchoring parallels).

Duration. The festival will be 72 hours instead of 48 hours. I’d say that duration is actually the most important way in which we’re cutting the problem down – it’s the main thing that makes Ephemerisle much easier than seasteading. So this will likely be the last axis to expand – it should be relatively easy to build up to a week, but after that will be difficult.

Size. We expect over 300 people, compared to last year’s 125. As with any event, scaling poses significant organizational challenges.

Marine Real Estate. We’ll have a construction barge (which is one design possibility for the first seastead – see also Flotel 92) with a crane in addition to homebuilt platforms.

Wind & Waves. The Delta’s sea breeze is much stronger in the summer, and can gust up to 30mph. This means larger waves than we had last year, even with such short fetches. While the waves are still miniscule compared to the ocean, we’re moving in the right direction.

Political autonomy is one of the most important aspects of Ephemerisle, but to make the first step we have to leave the sheltered inland waters and go just offshore, where we’ll only be in Coast Guard jurisdiction and not any local (county) authorities. And to make the big step, we have to make it 12nm out, to leave territorial waters. While we have no change in political autonomy this year, the main barrier is engineering, and as you can see, many of the above points of progress are advancing our engineering.

That’s a preview of our progress for 2010. We are, of course, already thinking ahead to 2011 as well, and after this year’s event we expect to be well set up to move the event to the San Francisco Bay in 2011. There we will face even more wind and larger waves, and in addition to meeting those new environmental challenges with more rugged engineering, our such close proximity to a major population center and the room to stretch out should allow us to scale the event dramatically (I’m hoping for 1000+, counting daytrippers, but I tend to be an optimist :) ). In addition, lower insurance and barge costs should drastically reduce our need to subsidize the event, and bring it much closer to break-even. If we can find the right foreign partners, we may even be able to do a second Ephemerisle in 2011, perhaps in the Mediterranean, Baltic, or Caribbean.

See you on the water!

  • What if your address could be “The Great Barrier Reef, site Pacific Ocean, ask Earth?”
  • Did you know that our oceans are actually our next frontier?
  • Did you know that on the open ocean — you can start a new country?

Ephemerisle is creating the cradle of civilization for mankind’s next frontier — the ocean — founded on our values of freedom, online creativity, and community. We are the first community-driven seasteading event dedicated to the development of sustainable, alternative social structures on the open water.
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