Ephemerisle is a community event, from the planning to the celebration. We invite you to join us in making Ephemerisle happen! Here's a few ways you can get involved:

  • Subscribe to the Ephemerisle Announcements list


  • Community Mailing List: Subscribe here to discuss Ephemerisle with others.
  • Facebook: Tell us you're attending!
  • Twitter: Follow us here!
  • Volunteer: Feel free to offer your suggestions on how to help out!
  • Wiki:
    • Find a group of people to build a themed structure together.
    • Offer or find a Rideshare for getting to the area.
    • Offer or find a Boatshare for sleeping space or transportation from the shore to the event.
    • Add your ideas for participation: art, talks, music, games and activities.
    • Add your thoughts and ideas.
  • Perform: There will be a central performance space and open mic event.
  • Blog, write, Twitter about the event, and tell your friends!
  • Most importantly, come and be awesome!

Click here for an updated list of Ephemerisle attendees.

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