0. Ephemerisle 2010 has yet to be announced!

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1. Buy a ticket

  • We have a limited number of tickets. We will post here if we run out. If we run out, we may need to turn people away who have not registered! This is a safety issue -- the central platform can only hold so many people!
  • Different pricing tiers are available in order to allow a diverse set of participants to join the Ephemerisle community. Please consider purchasing the highest ticket price you feel you can afford.

2. Make transportation & sleeping arrangements

To attend Ephemerisle, you need a way to get there from the shore, which means you'll need a boat (or passage on someone else's). Once at Ephemerisle, you'll need a place to sleep, either on a boat or a platform. We do not provide sleeping space; you'll need to provide your own, or find some from another attendee.

  • See our Boats & Platforms page for details.
  • THERE ARE A NUMBER OF OPEN BERTHS ON ALREADY-RESERVED HOUSEBOATS! Before you rent another houseboat, please check the wiki to find boatshare buddies. You can also find rideshares.
  • Visit the When & Where page for more details about the location and how to get there.

3. Consider your contribution

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