Ephemerisle is the annual floating festival of politics, community and art. The most recent festival launched October 2, 2009 in the Sacramento River Delta in California.

Participants bring their crafts and their ideas to build an eclectic temporary village of boats, rafts, barges, junks, and other floating structures. A large central platform is provided as a common space to come together. Expect music, dance, open mic performances, even classes on how to build your own floating platform... and on the last night, a community feast to lead a full evening of celebration.

But this is just the beginning: This is no spectator event, though there is plenty to see. Participants bring their own art, activities, ideas, and love of community and freedom. You define the Ephemerisle experience.

We aren't content to simply dream of a freer world. We will live it. Ephemerisle is the first step.

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