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Safety Plan

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  • Ephemerisle: Steph paints on a houseboat
  • Ephemerisle: Zorb fun
  • Ephemerisle: Holly plays cello on a houseboat

We’d love to hear about your plans to participate. Drop us a line and let us know, troche and we’ll use this page to spread the word!

Ephemerisle is a participant-driven event: You create the art and activities! We’ve got an open mic and a central performance space ready for you to use, search but that will just be the beginning. Art, performances, activities, gifts, boats, platforms… your fellow Ephemerislers want to see it all!

We encourage you to use the wiki to share your ideas and read about others.

Be Inspired

Take a look at some of the community creations at the first Ephemerisle

Ephemerisle is first and foremost about freedom, drugstore so we’d rather not give you a laundry list of rules to follow. We’re outlining a list of bare essentials. As rational people with an interest in freedom and community, viagra we expect that you will govern yourselves.

That said, buy there are a few essentials we need to cover, and we do think it’s important to share some common ethics for the event. So we’ve got a few rules, and a few ethics, part common sense and part philosophy, to help make Ephemerisle great for everyone.


  • Minors (those under 18) must wear lifejackets and be accompanied by a parent or guardian. (Amazon sells life jackets: over 90 lbs, 50 – 90 lbs, under 50 lbs)
  • Swimming is recommended only in the designated swimming area — your neighborhood swimming pool does not have currents, or dozens of boats with moving propellors.
  • Loud music is tricky; we’re sharing a small amount of space, so it’s easy for any loud noise to dominate the festival space for everyone else. We caution against loud sound and reserve the right to ask you to turn the volume down.
  • Boats (i.e. all vessels with motors, and all vessels with a sail over eight feet in length) must be properly registered and carry all legally-required insurance.
  • No large fires — there will be many wooden crafts!
  • No firearms. For safety and liability reasons, Ephemerisle 2010 is not the place for these.
  • No pets. We’re in very confined spaces; they will be neither happy nor safe.
  • Leave no trace.


  • Be Respectful
    • Whatever you’re doing, and whoever you’re doing it with, we ask only that you obtain consent for your actions. Respect personal space and don’t hop on someone’s boat without asking.
  • Be Safe
    • With great freedom comes great responsibility. While the Delta is a relatively peaceful environment, keep in mind that you are out on the water, in an unfamiliar setting. There are many potential dangers, especially at night. Use flashlights, use your head and be aware.
  • Be Responsible
    • A small, open, free community requires a high level of personal responsibility to work. Consider how your actions would affect other people using the Golden Rule (would I want people to act like this towards me?) and Kant’s Test (what would happen if everyone did this?). Don’t freeload.
  • Share Your Ideas
    • One of our greatest hopes is that people come away from Ephemerisle with new ideas. Share what you have, talk to new people. No idea is too radical; we want to hear it!
  • Listen to New Things
    • It’s easy to stick with the familiar, but we see Ephemerisle as a chance to meet new people and learn new things. We hope you will too.


We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us with any comments or questions you have.

General inquires:

Grant program:


We encourage you to sign up for our Ephemerisle announcements mailing list:

The SocialNets

On Facebook: the Ephemerisle Community page

On Twitter: @Ephemerisle

Ephemerisle is organized by The Seasteading Institute, pills a 501(c)3 public benefit corporation.

When and where is Ephemerisle?

Ephemerisle 2010 will take place from noon Thursday 7/22 – noon Sunday 7/25 in a new location in the Sacramento River Delta. For more information, pharm visit the When & Where page.

How do you pronounce Ephemerisle?

It’s pronounced “Ephemer” + “isle.”

What is there to do at Ephemerisle?

Since you are creating your own new floating society, viagra the answer to this question is primarily up to you, the participants!  As people register flotillas, projects, art, etc. we’ll post that information so people have a sense of what to expect.

Why are you doing this?

Ephemerisle is going to be a fabulous festival, but it’s also an opportunity for us to build a community around the idea of seasteading. We believe that the world should be more free, and that seasteading is one of the best ways to accomplish that. Years down the road, we hope that Ephemerisle will eventually take place in international waters, allowing greater experimentation with new laws, new governance, and a freer way of life.

How do I sign up? Do I have to pay?

Tickets will be on sale soon — first announcements will be sent to subscribers to our newsletter, and information will be posted on this site.   A limited quantity of cheaper tickets will also be made available. For details, see the Attending Ephemerisle Page. There is also a Grant Program to help offset the costs of those who choose to build elaborate structures.

Where can I rent a boat?

Our Boats & Platforms page has resources on where you can rent a boat. We have reserved all the houseboats at Paradise Point Marina, and will be releasing them to attendees.  See the newsletter or this space for more information about how this will work.  Some of these places have a limited supply, so make your reservation early! If you plan to rent a houseboat, keep in mind that most of them sleep quite a few people, so we encourage you to share a rental to reduce cost and allow more people to attend. You can also check Craigslist listings for the Stockton area to find local area private boat rentals.

Do I need a special license to operate a boat?

No special license is required, and if you rent a boat from Paradise Point Marina, you will be given a thorough orientation on how to operate the boat.

Do I need insurance for the boat?

Yes, all boats need to carry their own insurance. Rentals generally include this.

Where will I sleep?

On your own floating boat/platform or a friend’s. We have many resources available for you to find cheap inflatable floating platforms or to build your own floating structure on our Boats & Platforms page.

What will the weather be like?

Weather records say that summer in the Delta tends to be hot, hot, hot, and can also be windy.  You will definitely want to insure that you have access to SHADE during the day.   If you’re particularly concerned about weather and are sleeping without shelter, we recommend bringing a small tarp to sleep under.

What can I do to help?

We love help! Check out our volunteer page if you’re looking to get actively involved. We’re also looking for people to help spread the word. Twitter about us, post to Facebook, and of course, tell your friends.

What do I need to bring?

Most importantly, something that floats! You will also need enough food and water for the weekend and other essentials such as sunscreen and bug spray. See the Survival Guide page.

Remember that, even though the event takes place on the water, you still need to BRING any water you want to use for cooking or drinking.  This was a problem for many participants our first year.

How do I dispose of trash?

Take it with you. The Delta is not a dumping ground, and anything that goes into the water needs to come back out of it by the end. Ephemerisle is a Leave No Trace event.

What central infrastructure will be provided?

  • Community island platforms for you to dock your boat and/or platform to and use as shared space for your island society
  • Porta-potties
  • First aid, EMT’s, medical evacuations — see our safety plan for details.

Why the Sacramento River Delta?

For Ephemerisle’s early years, we chose a location primarily for comfort and convenience. We wanted to make sure that the barrier to entry for new participants wasn’t too high. On the Delta the waves are fairly minimal, it’s easy to rent boats and getting to the location shouldn’t be too difficult. The Delta is also a fairly large space with lots of room, yet is sufficiently isolated to provide a good opportunity for the event. As we become more self-reliant, we envision Ephemerisle moving further out into international waters.

What kind of waves should I expect?

None. The waters of the Delta are very placid and we are not expecting any waves. The worst you might encounter are the wake of a passing craft, or some wind-driven waves across the channel.

Can I sell stuff?

Sure! We ask that you be respectful of other participants and not engage in any aggressive sales tactics, but you’re free to sell or trade whatever you would like, within the limits of California law. If you feel like you have something of special interest to Ephemerisle participants, feel free to contact to discuss your ideas.

Who are you?

Ephemerisle is organized by a large group of volunteers, as well as The Seasteading Institute, a non-profit dedicated to furthering the establishment and growth of permanent, autonomous ocean communities, enabling innovation with political and social systems. In other words, we want to build seasteads (homesteads on the high seas).

What is the connection between Ephemerisle and Seasteading?

Ephemerisle is just one path by which floating cities may evolve. What begins as a temporary gathering can grow in attendance, duration, and frequency until it is a permanent city. There are precedents for this – medieval trade fairs sometimes grew into cities. Second, we hope that Ephemerisle will provide an experience of living in greater freedom out on the water. Although it is only a taste of what we hope to eventually create, we strongly believe in the power of experience to change people’s ideas about the world. As we gain in self-expression and self-reliance, Ephemerisle will move further out into international waters.

Click here for more information as to how Ephemerisle relates to Seasteading.

Site Credits

Design by Evonne Borda. Photo credits: Chris Rasch, Matt Bell, Liz Henry, Natalia Villalobos, Naomi Most. Extra special thanks to Jason Sussberg for his Ephemerisle Documentary.


Ephemerisle 2010 will take place from noon Thursday 7/22- noon Sunday 7/25 in a new spot in the Sacramento Delta. There’s a full moon that weekend, ask so the light should be beautiful!


As at the first Ephemerisle (2009), try the 2010 event will take place in California’s Sacramento River Delta, but in a much wider and deeper area. We’ll be located off Mandeville Tip.

Note that you are responsible for transporting yourself to the event location (and arranging for your own lodging). See the Preparation page for details.

View Ephemerisle 2010 in a larger map


If you’re driving to the Delta region, you’ll likely want to park where your group’s boat is launching from. See the Launch Sites page for details.

  • main platform out of water

This page provides information for people planning to bring their own craft to Ephemerisle. If you’re hoping to find space on somebody else’s, stuff please check in with the community mailing list.

General Logistics for All Craft

Docking: We will have multiple docking islands to which you may securely dock your vessel or platform. There is no charge for docking.

Launching: To get your boat or platform into the water, viagra you’ll need a launch. Click here for more information.

Draft: Our new event site is not shallow, recipe there is plenty of draft for large boats; easily 12 feet or more!


Houseboats and other Rentals

Paradise Point Marina rents a number of boats, including some houseboats that are quite nice. They include a generator, air conditioner, sleeping space for 6-12 people, etc.  We have reserved these houseboats for the exclusive use of our participants during this high-season weekend.  

These houseboats are first-come first serve, and there is a very limited number available! Contact us if you’re interested in renting a houseboat.

Bring Your Own

You are welcome to bring your own boat. It must be appropriately registered and insured in the state of California.


Building Platforms

We encourage you to build your own structure and/or vessel for Ephemerisle. We’re offering a lot of resources to make it as easy as possible, including platform-building classes and a grant program. Rafts, model seasteads, your own crazy flotation devices — we want to see your creative building spirit displayed on the water!

To help protect other attendees and ourselves, all self-built platforms will be subject to an inspection before being allowed at the event. Platforms which are deemed unsafe will not be allowed at the event. If you plan to build a craft, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can work together to make sure your craft is not turned away.

Platform Building Essentials

  • Safety: Please keep safety in mind.  We encourage innovation, but want to make sure that everyone involved is safe.

    • Test your structures before the event to make sure that they are stable and seaworthy.
    • Have a clear idea of how much load your structure can hold and what its limitations are.
    • If your structure is a model, art piece or otherwise not intended to support human weight, clearly mark it with a “No Standing!” sign.
  • Width: The launches (concrete ramps leading from a roadway down into the water) in the area can definitely accomodate platforms up to 8 feet in width. Wider craft may require special launching arrangements; contact us if you need advice.
  • Registration: If your platform has a motor, or if it has a sail and is over 8′ in length, it must be registered with the California DMV and carry appropriate insurance.
  • Transportation to event site: You’ll need a way to get your platform from the launch to the event site, which probably means some way to carry or tow it by boat. Feel free to contact if you need advice.

Platform Building Workshops

We will be holding platform building workshops in the months leading up to the event. See our calendar for more info.

  • Jay reads Market Anarchy
  • handmade coffee is essential
  • Seasteaders laying out pipe

While the idea of spending a weekend on the water may seem like a leisurely way to relax, generic Ephemerisle is not your standard event. Water presents a set of hazards well beyond what most of us are accustomed to dealing with in our daily lives. It’s important not to forget that you are living on the water at Ephemerisle, which requires a higher degree than usual of personal vigilance!

In addition, you’ll be spending time in a remote location, in extremely hot weather, without access to most of the services you are used to. Here is a recommended list of items to bring, this is by no means complete, but this should get you started.

What You’ll Need:

  • A floating vessel of some kind on which you can sleep
  • A lifejacket (one may be provided with your boat if you are renting one)
  • A place on which to sleep
  • Sleeping bag / bedding
  • Tablewear – cups, plates, and utensils for Saturday’s dinner
  • Lots of water (a gallon per day, plus extra for washing, etc)
  • Warm-weather and cool-weather clothing
  • 3 days’ worth of food
  • Sunscreen
  • A first aid kit
  • Ideas
  • Waterproof or resistant shoes
  • Swimming gear
  • Towels
  • Art
  • Map of the delta or GPS
  • Cooler
  • Party Supplies (use your imagination)
  • Sun protection (hats, parasols, umbrellas, etc.)
  • Flashlight / headlamp
  • Bug spray

Got ideas about more stuff people should bring to Ephemerisle? Want to get a group together to pitch in for some special supplies or props? Go over to the wiki and make suggestions!

Each year, generic the Ephemerisle team supports the innovation and creativity of participants by awarding a small number of grants.

We’re excited to receive proposals for platforms, buy cialis boats, healing science projects, or art projects that incorporate themes of water, the ocean, or seasteading, and/or address the challenges of living and creating community on the water, whether temporary or permanent. All grant applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis, so the earlier you send in an application, the better your chances of getting funded.

Review our FAQ or check out the projects that received grants for Ephemerisle 2009 to get a glimpse at what you might dream up to qualify for a grant. When you’re ready, review our Submission Guidelines for all the information you need to apply.

Grant applications for Ephemerisle 2010 will be accepted until Monday, May 31st.

Ephemerisle is a community event, look from the planning to the celebration. We invite you to join us in making Ephemerisle happen! Here’s a few ways you can get involved:

  • Subscribe to the Ephemerisle Announcements list

  • Facebook: Tell us you’re attending!
  • Twitter: Follow us here!
  • Volunteer: Feel free to offer your suggestions on how to help out!
    • Find a group of people to build a themed structure together.
    • Offer or find a Rideshare for getting to the area.
    • Offer or find a Boatshare for sleeping space or transportation from the shore to the event.
    • Add your ideas for participation: art, talks, music, games and activities.
    • Add your thoughts and ideas.
  • Blog, write, Twitter about the event, and tell your friends!
  • Most importantly, come and be awesome!