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Rules and Ethics

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  • Ephemerisle: Holly plays cello on a houseboat

We’d love to hear about your plans to participate. Drop us a line and let us know, troche and we’ll use this page to spread the word!

Ephemerisle is a participant-driven event: You create the art and activities! We’ve got an open mic and a central performance space ready for you to use, search but that will just be the beginning. Art, performances, activities, gifts, boats, platforms… your fellow Ephemerislers want to see it all!

We encourage you to use the wiki to share your ideas and read about others.

Be Inspired

Take a look at some of the community creations at the first Ephemerisle

Ephemerisle is first and foremost about freedom, drugstore so we’d rather not give you a laundry list of rules to follow. We’re outlining a list of bare essentials. As rational people with an interest in freedom and community, viagra we expect that you will govern yourselves.

That said, buy there are a few essentials we need to cover, and we do think it’s important to share some common ethics for the event. So we’ve got a few rules, and a few ethics, part common sense and part philosophy, to help make Ephemerisle great for everyone.


  • Minors (those under 18) must wear lifejackets and be accompanied by a parent or guardian. (Amazon sells life jackets: over 90 lbs, 50 – 90 lbs, under 50 lbs)
  • Swimming is recommended only in the designated swimming area — your neighborhood swimming pool does not have currents, or dozens of boats with moving propellors.
  • Loud music is tricky; we’re sharing a small amount of space, so it’s easy for any loud noise to dominate the festival space for everyone else. We caution against loud sound and reserve the right to ask you to turn the volume down.
  • Boats (i.e. all vessels with motors, and all vessels with a sail over eight feet in length) must be properly registered and carry all legally-required insurance.
  • No large fires — there will be many wooden crafts!
  • No firearms. For safety and liability reasons, Ephemerisle 2010 is not the place for these.
  • No pets. We’re in very confined spaces; they will be neither happy nor safe.
  • Leave no trace.


  • Be Respectful
    • Whatever you’re doing, and whoever you’re doing it with, we ask only that you obtain consent for your actions. Respect personal space and don’t hop on someone’s boat without asking.
  • Be Safe
    • With great freedom comes great responsibility. While the Delta is a relatively peaceful environment, keep in mind that you are out on the water, in an unfamiliar setting. There are many potential dangers, especially at night. Use flashlights, use your head and be aware.
  • Be Responsible
    • A small, open, free community requires a high level of personal responsibility to work. Consider how your actions would affect other people using the Golden Rule (would I want people to act like this towards me?) and Kant’s Test (what would happen if everyone did this?). Don’t freeload.
  • Share Your Ideas
    • One of our greatest hopes is that people come away from Ephemerisle with new ideas. Share what you have, talk to new people. No idea is too radical; we want to hear it!
  • Listen to New Things
    • It’s easy to stick with the familiar, but we see Ephemerisle as a chance to meet new people and learn new things. We hope you will too.