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What's New for 2010?

Ephemerisle is sponsored by The Seasteading Institute (TSI), cheapest
a 501(c)3 non-profit with the mission of furthering the establishment of permanent, discount autonomous ocean communities — seasteads. In opening a new frontier, we will improve the human condition worldwide by enabling innovation with new political and social systems.

We’ve been covered in Wired and The Sunday Times, and in 2008 we received $500,000 of initial funding from Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and early investor in companies such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

TSI is working to make seasteading a reality by working on three different areas of focus:

  • Working on the engineering challenges inherent in living on the sea.
  • Developing business models that would function on seasteads, in order to attract capial investment to the sector.
  • Building a community around seasteading, and increasing awareness of the benefits that a successful seasteading movement would make available to humanity.

To learn more about us, please visit The Seasteading Institute’s website.

Launch Sites

For those of you new to the water, sales a launch is simply a concrete ramp leading from a roadway on land into the water.

Launches can generally accomodate a boat/platform of standard road trailer width (approximately 8′). Larger craft may require special arrangements to get into the water. Contact us at if you need advice.

Paradise Point Marina (Boat rentals only!)

This is where the houseboats (and other craft) are rented from. Paradise Point is about 8 miles from the event site, generic and navigation can be fairly confusing along Disappointment Slough (the route between the marina and Ephemerisle). Paradise Point does have a public boat ramp and a large parking lot, both of which will be very busy on the weekend — don’t count on there being much (any?) space in the parking lot. (The marina operator reports “lines of boats and trailers” waiting to launch.) Last year we used this spot for assembly of platforms etc., and we have been advised that this will NOT be possible for 2010. Except for people renting houseboats, we do NOT recommending using this marina as a primary access point for Ephemerisle 2010.

  • Website.
  • 8095 Rio Blanco, Stockton, CA 95219
  • 800-752-9669
  • Boat launch fee of $15.
  • General store, boat rental, large parking lot with security at night.

B&H Marina (Friendly to platform building and launching)

This marina has a large, flat launch area and a great deal of accessible parking. They also have several wide lawn spaces which are used for overflow parking on busy weekends, as well as a storage yard which also has open paved and grassy space. The manager, Candy Kelp, was extremely accommodating about the possibility of having people finish construction of self-built craft at their space — said just to check with her first. We’ve been warned by locals that this marina is heavily used by delta bass fishermen on summer weekends.

  • 15135 W Eight Mile Rd, Stockton, CA 95219-8721
  • (209) 951-4634
  • Launching costs $10. First day’s parking free; $5/extra day.

Korth’s Pirates’ Lair (Close to event, with lots of services)

A happenin’ spot at the tip of Brannan Island, approximately 5 miles from our event site. They have a large parking lot, and a public boat launch that is easily accessible, but fairly steep and narrow, and does require some quick maneuvering once launched. Our guess is that this place will be HOPPING on a summer weekend.

  • 169 W. Brannan Island Road, Delta Loop, CA 95641
  • (916) 777-6464
  • Launching costs $7. First day’s parking free; $4/extra day.

H&H Marina (Closest to event)

This is the closest marina to the event site; less than 3 miles away by water. The marina is for sale and largely shut down, so services are limited. The lot has space for 70 vehicles. Launch ramp is quite narrow (15′ wide) and requires some quick maneuvering after launch. Current marina management said that they were OK with people doing construction in the lot as long as space was available, but weren’t willing to RENT space to us. Note that the parking lot is across the street from the launch ramp and down a somewhat steep hill.

  • 15135 W. Eight Mile Road, Stockton, California 95219
  • 209-951-4634
  • Launching costs $10. First day’s parking free; $5/extra day.

Ephemerisle 2010 is going to be much bigger, help more challenging, click and more exciting than last year.  We’ll see lots of progress towards our vision of incrementally evolving Ephemerisle into an actual seasteading city —  and we’re expecting plenty of evolution in the “fun” dimension as well.

Here are some of the big changes this year:

Multiple Islands: Ephemerisle 2010 will feature five Docking Islands, each with different rules and culture, created and defined by their participant-residents.  If you think Libertopia or Hippieville are “great to visit, but you wouldn’t want to live there”, well — you can live in one and visit another!  If your island turns out to be not such a great place, we’re on the water, so you can always unhitch your vessel or platform and secede.  We call this “dynamic geography” — the ability of seastead cities to rearrange themselves, evolving to meet their citizens’ needs.

Marine Real Estate: We’ll have a construction barge (which is one design possibility for the first seastead — see also Flotel 92) with a crane, in addition to homebuilt platforms.

Mooring: This year our event takes place in a deepwater section of a wide side-channel that will allow us to be a true island nation.  We’ll aslo experiment with a couple of different types of mooring:  pillars for our barge (knowns as “spuds”), and anchoring for other platforms — so we’ll get experience with both.

Wind & Waves: The Delta’s sea breeze is much stronger in the summer, and can gust up to 30mph.  Whitecaps have been reported in the main channel in July!  We’ll be in a protected side-channel in the wind-shield of an island, but we are likely to experience greater wind/wave challenges —  on our way to future bay and then ocean locations.

Duration: The festival will be 72 hours instead of 48 hours.  There’s still a long way to go to become a permanent floating community – but each incremental step ups the challenge and the opportunity.

Size: We expect over 300 people, compared to last year’s 125.  More people = more social experimentation (and more cool stuff)!


Political autonomy is one of the most important aspects of seasteading, but to make the first step we have to leave the sheltered inland waters and go just offshore, where we’ll only be in Coast Guard jurisdiction, and not any local (county) authorities.  And to make the big step, we have to make it 12 nm out, to leave territorial waters.  By making progress in the areas of engineering and planning, we’re moving toward this goal.